Dubane - CO & AHC


Cheeko29 - XO & AHC Pictboy3 -XO & AHC

ironnite - XO deadgrunt - XO Kempi - XO & AHC

simcha - XO & HC yuljk -XO andrews - XO & AHC

oddyss - XO skybear - XO Attik - XO & AHC

Recruiters & Members

mitchlin jp0001 baille model

hanrac nayles73 blh77 juules war49

dog3 eroberts rumwolf starship

dewoltin b28 aertemis valinsky

nos mas volcol CRS hdeh coragem

kenn pips leonodus hemophysis

frogdeth cereal8 snorting sausages

elegance lvt chazman capsain

Kingcheese bradoon kurubr volks111

lockheed71 wwader volcai jp0001

brutalos AHC vuffir laphiel asala

chasf AHC Robyd - AHC

jlw - AHC mullins Lt mike Soulucky - AHC

sybersid adanhael blood28slyfox1

vonhelm lem369 beagle voodoo1 AHC

fazagadgie mrmoo lickingya - AHC legear

chokk AHC petie ilikeike - AHC werd

thefsg andrews ipadden mrcheapydd

This list is still ongoing if I've put the wrong flag by your name please email me dubane@allforsquad.com. If your not on the list yet and think you should be email me too.

The squad member list doe's not include recruits who have not taken the time to get on teamspeak and be part of the squad. These usually have a squad lifetime of 3 days before I boot them.

If your interested in joining our squad, look for anyone in the game with the Allfor tag and talk with us. We would enjoy having you with us, but there is one major requirement, you must have teamspeak installed and use it on our server. If not, don't ask to join. Teamspeak helps us communicate during the game and work on missions together.

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